The fact that you are suffering from stress of any kind cannot be hidden if you sit in front of the doctor for some time. There are many others like you who have got a habit of chewing their nails and more often than not, it is due to the stress factor. However, if you value the beauty of a proper set of nails, you would try to be self conscious and never bite your nails again. The simple task of biting your nails, apart from causing the dirt and grime hidden under them to enter your mouth, also damages your nail itself. It is high time you learnt more about nail health and learnt how to protect your nails from damages.

Do not try to take the shortest route to freedom by applying on acrylic nails since that is not the solution. By doing that you are doing more damage to your already damaged nails. Take a good look at your nails. The color and the marks on the same can reveal many things about your health to the trained eye. To the untrained eye like that of yours, the brittle edges are a testimony of the torture you are conducting on your nails. You should start off on your nail health venture by forcing yourself not to bite your nails.

Just be a bit conscious and you shall be able to overcome this habit. Most of us confuse nails with bones and take calcium rich products in order to strengthen our nails. However this is not the truth. In fact nails are basically hardened skin cells that are composed out of keratin which is a protein that can be found in the hair and skin. Your nails are produced by living cells in your toes and fingers. The growth of new skin cells push out the older ones and they harden on being exposed to the atmosphere and form what we know as nails. This is one of the basics you need to know before understanding more about nail health.

The rate at which the nail of a person grows depends on various factors including the season. Those who know about nail health will tell you that nails grow faster during the summer season than during the winter. If you have ever been observant enough, you might have noticed that the nails on your dominant hand grow at a faster rate than that on the opposite hand. It is an established fact that the growth of the nails is faster in the case of males and also that nails grow faster in women who are pregnant.

Check carefully and you might find fine vertical lines that start from the base of your nail. If you have any idea about nails and nail health, you will know that this means that the blood vessels of your nail bed are damaged and the main reason for this is due to injury to the nails. They can also be caused by certain medications. The dermatologist is best suited to help you resolve this and other nail health problems.